Rotating filtering drum RBS




Company ADOS used in the realization of mechanical pre-treatment of wastewater treatment plants rotating filtering drums RBS. 

Rotating filtering drum is used to solve the problems of filtration and microfiltration of solid particles from liquids.

It is widely used in construction and waste disposal facilities liquids in cattle, chicken and rabbit farms, slaughterhouses, agricultural food processing industry vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat and fish, and tanneries.




Purified water is pumped into a feed tank next to the drum sieve. The drum, made of a special rod sectioned slowly rotates to exclude solid particles contained in waste water. Special brass discharge vane allows the separation of the solid particles and their removal from the drum.

The waste enters the upper part of the rotary drum. After each revolution of the drum is cleared of solid particles and thus is ready to repeat the cycle. Excellent efficiency of this system is made possible in particular a special section of the wire mesh and the size of the spacings.